Letter from the Editors: Issue No. 1


By: Elazar Krausz and Rocky Pincus, Editors-in-Chief

Today we released the first ever issue of Yeshiva University Journal of the Arts, a new iteration under a new name, following in the spirit of YU’s Journal of Fine Arts before us, and seeking inspiration from the arts journals and literary magazines YU students have produced over many years.

This issue marks a pivotal change in the way students at YU will be able to express themselves and their creative talents. As the first edition of a YU arts journal to be published digitally, we were able to include works from students who would have found trouble sharing their work in print. Our music section features “Prove Myself Wrong,” an original song by Yosef Rosenfield. For the first time, the journal can include not only text and images, but audio and video as well. In our performing arts section, we’ve included Shayna Herszage’s “Yours Always,” a full-length play that would have taken up the entirety of a printed journal. Our digital format has no length restrictions, and can showcase student work that just wouldn’t fit into a print publication.

We’ve chosen Lily Betesh’s oil painting, “Bloom” as our featured artwork for the issue. Though we’re publishing in the fall, “Bloom” reminds us of spring and new beginnings. We’re excited to be part of a new beginning for the journal, and we hope that we can help foster a newfound appreciation for the arts on campus.

Thank you to our faculty advisor, Professor Joy Ladin, to our editorial board, and to all of the students who submitted their works to the journal. Our digital format will allow us to publish more frequently and feature the works of more students, so please continue to submit.

We’re excited for the future of this journal, and for the future of the arts at YU. This is just the beginning.

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