EVENT: Yosef Rosenfield’s Back-to-School Concert

Elazar Krausz

By: Elazar Krausz, Editor-In-Chief

Much of what music majors at Yeshiva College do is study music academically, taking music history and music theory courses to deepen their understanding of music’s intricate workings. But arguably the more exciting side of YC’s music program is the various opportunities to perform, which include, among other offerings, the chamber ensemble course.

The word ‘ensemble’ implies having a group of musicians performing music together, but when Yosef Rosenfield, a YC music major and music editor for YUJA, found himself the sole student in the chamber ensemble course, he wouldn’t let a small linguistic detail get in his way. Rosenfield decided to perform solo, and this coming Thursday, January 23, marks his second solo show at YU.

In a departure from his first solo show, last semester’s tribute to the works of Maroon 5 and Panic! at the Disco, Rosenfield will perform a concert of original music, under a stage name he’s carried for years, Joe Rosenbran. He’s titled the show “This Is Satire,” a reference to the satirical and cynical elements that mark his songwriting. The songs Rosenfield will perform, he says, “[cover] a wide range of topics such as abuse of power, betrayal, systemic evil, and loss.” He’s even produced original artwork to serve as the backdrop for the show.

For Rosenfield, performing in public can be nerve-racking,  but it always pays off in the end. “Post-concert highs are beyond amazing,” he says, “there’s nothing I enjoy more than others telling me they love my songs and my artistry.”

Catch “This Is Satire” at the Schottenstein Theater (560 W 185th St.) on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 8:00pm. Admission is free.