Letter from the Editors: Issue No. 3


By: Elazar Krausz and Rocky Pincus, Editors-in-Chief

It’s clear that our lives right now are very different than they have ever been. With the spread of COVID-19 essentially bringing the entire country to a halt, all of our lives have been rattled, our routines disrupted, and our fortitude tested. But, as we resume classes online and settle down into new routines at home, one thing becomes clear: life goes on.

In the chaos of a worldwide pandemic, we can seek solace in the fact that we still have a capacity for creative expression. And with the multitude of emotions that can come up in times of uncertainty, social distancing, and quarantine, that creative expression grows only more valuable.

In this stressful time, take a few moments to peruse this newest issue, and remember that the creative spirit is still strong at Yeshiva University, whether we’re all located on campus or spread throughout the world.

In this issue, we’ve added two new sections we haven’t seen before. Take a look at short films from Jeremy Koffsky and our film editor Tamar Ciment, and design pieces from Baruch-Lev Kelman and Natan Pittinsky. And be sure to check out the rest of the issue, where we feature great fine art, photography, music, performing arts, poetry, and fiction from Yeshiva University students.

Along with creative pieces, we’ve included some critical essays in various sections. Check out Sarit Perl’s analysis of early American theater, Yosef Rosenfield’s assessment of irony and music in the 2014 film The Interview, and CJ Glicksman’s essays on antisemitism and religion in music.

We hope this issue provides a much-needed reprieve from the ever-changing situation around us. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep making art.

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