The Physical

After Rain | Ilana Aidman
Caesarea | Neima Inslicht
Derech Chevron | Neima Inslicht

Recycle Bin
by Yitzy Richter
The old maintenance man smiles as he bends down to empty the blue recycle bin.
On the bottom there is a paper with a bunch of doodles made by the kid with curly hair who sits in the back. It’s chock-full of shields and swords and bows and arrows. When he grows up he wants to be a knight.          READ MORE

by Yair Shavrick

I dreamt I was a road
Weaving all around an island.
Not a perfect road
Yet at a glance, complete.
Used like any other road,
A transportation device
To be used and then forgotten.

Jean-Michel Basquiat | Micah Pava
Midtown | Dassie Okin

A Flame in the Darkness
by Josh Liechter

This play, which is set in the middle of a mountain range in the countryside, depicts a father and daughter in dangerous times as they reminisce about normal life, and deals with themes of family and grieving lost normalcy.

Untitled | Talia Guttman
Untitled | Talia Guttman

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